RNase / Gel shift

rogier stugerNOstSPAM at cellbiology.uni-frankfurt.de.invalid
Mon Apr 10 04:33:27 EST 2000

Hi Susanne,
RNases and short/long RNAs: there's a controversy here. Both are
eaten by RNases. But a microgram of short RNAs contains more
molecules than a microgram of long ones, so a bit of RNase is
less of a problem.
For your bandshifts, add plenty of RNase inhibitor and hope for
the best. If your recombinant protein comes from E. coli, RNases
are not a big problem since the most abundant E. coli RNases are
killed by RNasin. Anyway, you're lucky to work with tRNA. Its
secondary structure makes it hard to chew.
Good luck,
rogier at biogate.com

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