Acrylamide gel expansion during staining

Jonathan Warawa J.Warawa at
Wed Apr 12 07:29:41 EST 2000

I also have found that water will cause PAGE gels to expand, but a
solution of 45%water, 45%methanol, 10% acetic acid  will make a gel shrink
(staining solution used for coomassie).  Perhaps a mix of the two
solutions will maintain gel size.
Good luck

Raymond Dalgleish wrote:

> We are experiencing problems while staining
> polacrylamide gels with ethdium bromide. The gels
> are CSGE gels for mutation detection as described by Jarmo Körrkö at
> The recommendation is that the gel be stained with ethidium bromide in
> water. In our experience,
> the gel expands dramatically and becomes wrinkled and folded.
> What can we do to prevent the expansion? We will
> try staining in gel buffer + ethidium next time. Anybody got any other
> ideas?
> Thanks,
> Raymond Dalgleish

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