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Imran Fatigue wrote:
> You should make sure that the ampicillin is fresh. Even if you are
> using freshly made up solutions of ampicillin, try to find out how old
> the solid ampicillin that you're using is. It's possible that over the
> years the ampicillin gets damp and then goes off.
> For a couple of years I used a mixture of methicillin and ampicillin to
> suppress satellite growth that had become an increasing problem. When
> eventually we bought fresh ampicillin, I found that the methicillin was
> no longer necessary.
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Hi there,

we routinely replaced ampicillin with carbenicillin - much more stable,
longer "shelf time" of the plates, less satellites, reasonably priced.
Works great in our hands.

Hope that helps,


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