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Hi John,

I tried it about 2 month ago and wrote a quick comment about
the merits (or lack thereof :-) ) of premixed dNTPs.
Didn't recieve the promised subscription to BioTechniques,
25 bucks, nor -like you- the laser pointer.
Maybe they only reward favourable comments...?


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  sinclair at wrote:
> Apologies if this has been posted here before, but I haven't seen it,
> and I think it's worth a look for those on this newsgroup since it
> to deal with alot of the same themes (which products to buy and hints
> and tips on using them). I've recently come across a site:
> which aims to gather reviews from scientists on a massive range of
> commercially available bioscience consumables. They supposedly send
> a laser pointer just for registering (which I never recieved, maybe
> because I'm overseas) and small amounts of cash for writing short
> reviews on the things you use (I did get a cheque, much to my
> which I haven't cashed but assume will clear). Moreover, I haven't, in
> the month since registering, received any junk mail or e-mail as a
> result.
> I don't know what stops manufacturers posting their own, brochure-
> reviews to this site or how the site owners can afford to pay out, but
> I've found the site very informative and think its worth encouraging.
> It's certainly worth checking out before buying a product new to your
> lab or to pick up tips on ones you currently use. And if you're a kind
> person, you can type "sinclair" in the referrer ID box...
> ;o)
> John

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