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rogier stugerNOstSPAM at
Thu Apr 13 08:45:51 EST 2000

Hi Thomas,
they're a bit slow handing out their cash. Good for you, tho.
Just write a few more reviews and go for the $115 max (+ bucks
for referals). It's a lot cheaper to cash a $115 check than 4 or
5 $25 checks...
A mail to biowire telling em to hurry up and send the check might
work. It worked for me, even though my reviews on premixed
labeling rNTPs and PBS tablets weren't too kind on the product.
Not to mention my voodoo hint on the qiagen prep columns ('well
kept secret: you can recycle them if you wash em with...' - I
wonder if the qiapeople are gonna make biowire pull the review?)
rogier at

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