Chris Garside garside at zoo.utoronto.ca
Thu Apr 13 12:19:22 EST 2000

Hi, I am currently trying to set up a competitive rt-pcr.
I have transcribed two RNA standards.
One of these standards has a deletion in it so that it can be differentiated
from the full-length transcript on gel electrophoresis.
Both standards amplify up on their own, giving a nice single band.
However, when I amplify them up together, I get the appearance of a third
band, between the two other bands.
Does anyone know how to get rid of this band?
Is it a heteroduplex?
Will it mean that I can't use this for quantification of mRNA?
ANy help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Chris Garside
garside at zoo.utoronto.ca



 Chris Garside				Telephone:416-978-3517

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