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> tweissen at wrote:
> > I tried it about 2 month ago and wrote a quick comment about
> > the merits (or lack thereof :-) ) of premixed dNTPs.
> > Didn't recieve the promised subscription to BioTechniques,
> > 25 bucks, nor -like you- the laser pointer.
> I might be having a mental abberation here, but I'm sure I remember the
> Government talking about banning laser pointers in the UK.  Did they do
> it, were they just talking about it, or have I just been spending too
> much time measuring out methanol?

Yeah I remember that. I think the fuss started after it was discovered
that some nutters were attempting to use the more powerful laser
pointers to temporarily blind rival team goal keepers in football
matches! Apparently you could see the red dots on the keeper's shirt
like something out of a Terminator movie, but no one could find out
which group of idiots were doing it.

Haven't heard about it for a while now so presumably it didn't work
very effectively (although some keepers definitely complained of
occasional blinding flashes) or maybe it just prevented the person
using the pointer from watching the match properly and they gave up.



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