Does concentration of DNA affect transfection?

P. Moreno pmoreno at
Mon Apr 17 05:59:33 EST 2000

Benny Lo wrote:

> How much does an effect of plasmid DNA concentration have on transfection
> efficiency (especially of COS cells). Is it better to have a more
> concentrated DNA solution or does it not make any difference?
> Any comment will be appreciated.

Depend of method, if you use a lipofectamine, much of DNA inhibe the
transfection, in the protocol for the lipofectamine research for that, there
is a grafic in which you easly can see how down the transfection at the same
time that up the concentration of DNA. With the calcium phosphate, the
intrucctions said a amount you have to put in the mixture to formation
complex, so I think is the same, no more or less.
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