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Tue Apr 18 04:15:19 EST 2000

The unique url is a fake. All that you want, is getting 5 bucks 
reward for each new subscriber. 


> From:          sdflkdsjf at
> Subject:       free laser pointer for signing up at
> Date:          Tue, 18 Apr 2000 01:36:42 -0400
> Organization:  Princeton University
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> a great new web site for biologists!
> is a unique web site providing scientific product
> reviews written by scientists for scientists.
> Visit and you can:
>         * Read reviews of enzymes, reagents, antibodies and
>         kits-find
> out other
> scientists' experiences
>         * Write reviews of the scientific products you've used
>         * Receive a FREE LASER POINTER just for registering
>         * Get paid to write reviews during's preview
>         phase!
> To read and write reviews, go to
> (You must use this URL to access during its preview
> phase.)
> All of our scientific experiences are valuable and this is a great
> way to share them within our community.
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