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David L. Haviland dhavilan at
Tue Apr 18 17:21:14 EST 2000

Caroline Szymeczek-Seay wrote:
> Is Not I a particularly tricky enzyme?  It is behaving very
> tempermentally.  I've tested 2 different brands (Promega and Roche) with
> 2 different plasmids (1 plasmid that i purified, and one commercially
> obtained plasmid).  Interestingly, the only way I've been able to get
> Not I to cut is to use the Roche buffer with the Promega enzyme!
> So is Not I just weird, or am i the only one to ever have this problem?


NotI is finicky.  Over the years, I've found it to work well in small
volumes (20ul) with small amounts of DNA (0.5-2ug).  Scaling up to batch
levels were dissapointing, volumes greater than 50ul with DNA in excess
of 5 ug).  For me, the DNA could not be a mere plasmid prep, or Wizzard,
but had to be CsCl prepped.

For reasons of money, we once had a Promega freezer and found their
enzymes seemed to work better with, then BMB, buffers rather than their
own.   You wouldn't be the first to make this finding!

Hope this helps,
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