biowire: annoying spam

David L. Haviland dhavilan at
Wed Apr 19 08:40:23 EST 2000

"Frank O. Fackelmayer" wrote:
> Hi all,
> we have seen quite some spam posts here about, describing
> the "benefits" of registering there, and pointing to the site with a
> referrer-ID of the spammer. In this way, the spammer want to earn cash
> for simply pointing us to a site of limited usefulness. Once you go to
> that site, you are asked to register and in turn receive a free laser
> pointer. I have registered there, for pure curiosity, several weeks ago,
> but have not heard from them since, nor received the laser pointer.  I
> suspect they don´t send them at all, but simply want to gather data for
> further merchandising.
> Or has anyone out there really received the laser pointer simply for
> registering? What are you thinking about it?


Oh nooo... Biowire is legit.  I've received (as has my wife) laser
pointers, now 2 so far...  (They're OK, not the best, and good in a
small room, but not a large lecture hall.)

I've spent a little bit of time filling out a couple of surveys and
later received a check in the mail which offset the cost of a new hard
drive for my computer.

I don't know if there are any restrictions placed upon Biowire about
mailing Class IIIb lasers outside of the US and I'd figure the currency
issue is up to them.  The laser pointer might be an exception but if
you've filled out any surveys, then it should be a matter of time when
your check arrives.

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