blocking for western blot

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We rountinely use 10% non-fat dry milk in TBS tween-20, for 1 hour at 37 
degrees.  It's been our experience that blocking overnight at 4 degrees 
requires another 1 hour at room temp' the next morning.  Our "fast" WB 
protocol is as follows...

Block 1 hr, 37C, 10% milk in TBST;  Rinse 2 x 30s. TBST;  Primary Ab, 30 
min., 37C in 5% milk TBST;  Wash 5 x 5 min. TBST; 2nd Ab 30min., 37C in 5% 
milk TBST, Wash 5 x 5 min. TBST, Do ECL.

The milk we use is "Carnation" brand from Wal-Mart (no affiliation ;-p 
).   I think one reason this gives good results is that the time from 
loading the gel to getting the final answer is about 8 hours, so everything 
is still "fresh".  Even a night in the cold room probably doesn't do much 
good for your samples.   BSA works well in our hands too (Sigma fraction V) 
but varies between lots, so buy a big lot and stick with it.


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