Cotransfection efficiency

Luk Vandenberghe luk.vandenberghe at
Mon Apr 24 06:52:02 EST 2000


I was wandering what the effect of cotransfection on eukaryotic (f.e.
HeLa) is. I electroporate (1050µF; 260V) HeLa cells under 4 conditions:
all conditions with equivalent amounts of luciferase expressing pA,
condition II I cotransfect with pB (10µg/ml), III with pC(5µg/ml) and IV
with pB (7,5µg/ml) and pC (on top of pA). It know seems that luciferase
expression in condition IV is the best. Besides transfection efficiency,
I can not come up with another hypoteses to explain my results. Is it
possible that a higher concentration of DNA (here 22,5µg/ml) elevates
the transfection efficiency?

All help is welcome,

Luk Vandenberghe

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