Formaldehyde vs. Formamide for Northern

Vellanoweth's Lab jwheele at
Mon Apr 24 09:57:53 EST 2000

We've been having a lot of trouble degrading our plant RNA with
formaldehyde.  We've tried pHing the formaldehyde with NaOH to 5.3, and
eliminating the formaldehyde from the incubation step.  However we are
still getting degradation in the gel.  I looked in the Ambion catalog to
check if our formaldehyde was bio-reagent quality and found they don't
sell formaldehyde, only formamide.  This leads me to wonder whether
formamide can be used in a denaturing gel rather than formaldehyde, or
if you can run it without the denaturant since the sample is already in
formamide.  Any northern experts out there?


Janel Wheeler
Vellanoweth Biochemistry Lab
Calif State University, Los Angeles

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