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Simon Dawson Simon.Dawson at
Tue Apr 25 06:16:02 EST 2000

Hi all,
        Has anyone out there recently experienced problems with a MatchMaker
library from Clontech? Specifically, the HeLa library Cat. # HL4048AH ? We
have purchased an aliquot of this library twice and found the titre to be
low ~10^8 (they told us it was titred at ~10^10) and _extremely_ viscous. It
was in fact so viscous that it is impossible to measure accurately anything
less than ~50-100ul, and for that you still need to cut off the end of a
pipette tip to make it wide bore!
    The library looked lysed to me (DNAse I reduced the viscosity almost
instantly) but Clontech pretty much ignored any observations I had about it.
    I'd be interested to hear if anybody has had a similar problem either
with a library itself or with Clontech's technical people.
    Thanks for any info.


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