mouse tail DNA for Southern blot

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What about RNA? The presence of RNA would result in a 'hollow' lane.

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> Does anybody know how to fix this problem?:
> I get pretty good quality DNA from mouse tails (using phenol/cia) to use
> for Southen blots.  I digest the DNA in a large volume and then
> precipiate it in NaCl/ethanol. When I run the digested DNA for the blot,
> it doesn't run in an even smear, but in a shape which is sort of hollow
> in the middle and gets narrower toward the bottom of the gel.  Ideas
> we've had are that there is too much DNA in the well, too much salt in
> the DNA, or SDS in the sample, and we've tried to fix these, but still
> haven't gotten the samples to migrate correctly.
> thanks.
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