Membrane formation during cell growth ????????

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> Anyone know how new membrane structure formed during cell
> proliferation. How lipid bilayer made ?

In general Fatty acids are made through de novo synthesis.  The ones that
can not be made are termed "essential fatty acids" and must be ingested. 
for example, linoleic acid is required in your diet.  It is a precursor to
Aracodonic acid.  Cholesterol can be made to a small extent but it is
usually picked up from diet as well. So I guess it falls into the somewhat
essential lipid.

>  Is it formed from small molecule ?

YES it is

>  Or Just come together from blood for new cell ?

Yes in vivo, the adipose cells release lipids when the rest of the body
needs it.  Otherwise, the cells will make ther own lipids.  Review acetyl
CoA and glycerol in the mitocondria.  May want to look up pyruvate while
you are at it.  Aw Hell just look at the mitocondria as a whole and study
how it works.

>  Or from glycerol + 2 lipid  + ? ,then where lipid come from  ?

See above.


Peter Pediaditakis
University of Pittsburgh
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