Membrane formation during cell growth ????????

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It is "arachidonic" acid... from Arachis hypogea

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>>  Or from glycerol + 2 lipid  + ? ,then where lipid come from  ?

A lipid *IS* glycerol + 2 (or 3) "fatty acids" with or without another
functional group at the sn3 position of the glycerol moiety (as the case may
be). Such functional groups may be anything from a simple phosphate (eg
phosphatidate) to things as complex as a sphingosine, galactosyl moeity, or
even an amino acid + PO4"... etc.

Well,...  from the above question, it looks like the one with the original Q
has little background in chemistry. The Q is easily answered if one sits
down with a standard college biochemistry (or even a high school chemistry)

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