DNA and RNA from ruminant feces (cattle, horses, sheep, etc) for PCR

Andre Hamel hamel at cc.UManitoba.CA
Sat Apr 29 00:31:13 EST 2000

Does anyone have a good method for purifying _both_  DNA and RNA
suitable for
PCR from ruminant feces (cattle, horses, sheep, etc) which does NOT
involve using
a commercial kit?

I am after DNA and RNA from bacteria, viruses, protozoan and
multicellular parasites
found in feces of cattle, horses, sheep (camels, muskox, deer, elk, etc,

I believe I have exhaustively tested all known methods (including
commercial kits).
Yet still can only get slightly useable DNA & RNA ... most preps
ultimately have at
least some PCR inhibiting traits. Also, many preps yield DNA/RNA with
some discoloration.

Please post replies to this newsgroup. I will post any emails I receive.

Thank you,

Andre Hamel
Scientist, Veterinary Services Lab, department of Agriculture,
Provincial government of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA


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