Membrane formation during cell growth ????????

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>  After absorbed, drug-fatty
> acid can break down to drug(active) and fatty acid.

Cancer cells: Stupid enough????

What exactly do you mean by the term adsorbed?  Adsorbed by the body or by
the fat particle?

The tumor cells like all cells will make there own fatty acids with
building block lipids if present.  If the builing block constituents are
not present then it will make lipids(to the best of the cell's ability)
from sugar via a pathway that culminates in the mitocondria.  As for
picking up the fatty acids from the serum, this is commonly done by cells
in the body and is VERY controlled/regulated.  For a review look at the
work of Brown et al.  He got a Noble prize for his work on Libid
metabolism.  With that in mind, a drug must be designed to be able to be
transported from the gut to the liver.  Then it must bypass processing in
the liver and be transported to the rest of the body.  Now it must be
taken up by some cell and used in the membrane( which membrane???).  If
you are thinking of cleaving this at a target cell, you must design the
lipid to be recognized as a substrate for some Lipase.

Bottom line is that I do not think this approach will work.  The
body/liver controls what lipids will be in the serum and those lipids are
usually simple building blocks that a given target cell will use to
construct its own membraneor use for energy.  different cells have
different membrane components.  Tumor cells are inherently screwed up and
there membrane composition and lipases present may be quite different than
the normal counterpart.  I did not see the poster but I would be dubiuos
of the results.  How did this delivery system work versus a simple Taxol
administration?    Taxol should act on all cells that have an estrogen
receptor.  With this in mind, did it show more sensitivity for the cancer
cell versus the normal cells which have the ER?  What exactly did the
authors use for evidence to say that their novel delivery system is at all


Peter Pediaditakis
University of Pittsburgh
Dept. of Pathology

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