Organic phase (was: Function of octanol/isoamylalcohol?)

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Tue Aug 1 23:07:10 EST 2000

At 08:26 AM 8/1/00 -0500, Chris LaRosa wrote:
>Jens Tiedemann wrote:
Not true!
Phenol-Chloroform, either together or by themselves are heavier than water.
The function of octanol or isoamyl alcohol is not what you suggest.

>You mean to the phenol??? Isoamyl alcohol changes the density or
>partitioning behavior of the organic phase, so that it centrifuges to
>the bottom of the tube and the aqueous phase remains on the top. 
>Otherwise, classic phenol/chloroform partitioning would be a hassle as
>the organic phase would be on top.
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