RNA from tuber tissue?

Frederik Börnke ricky_boernke at gmx.net
Wed Aug 2 01:36:29 EST 2000

"Allison B. MacKay" schrieb:
> Here's _another_ plant RNA question for you all (what
> are the odds?):
> I work on potato, and I want to purify RNA from tubers.
> I've used TRIzol and even with modifications (spinning
> down the initial homogenate, precipitating with high-
> salt instead of EtOH) I still get essentially no RNA
> and a thick pellet of a clear snot-like substance
> which I assume is polysaccharides.  Has anyone got a
> protocol for isolating RNA from starch-rich tissues
> like tuber?  Does potato tuber even _have_ much RNA?
> I eagerly await your advice :-)
> --
> Allison Mackay
> Department of Biology
> Queen's University
> Kingston, ON


we routinely use the method described by Logemann et al. (1987) for
isolation of RNA from all plant tissue. From tubers you might have
to include an additional LiCl precipitation step.



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