pcr screening bacteria

Chris LaRosa clarosa at biocomp.unl.edu
Thu Aug 3 11:30:53 EST 2000

felipe wettstein wrote:
> hi all
> i have some 150 bacteria that i would like to screen, first only amplify
> the 16SrDNA, and sequence, then look if a gen (where i have primers for)
> is present. but i really would not like at all to make liquid cultures,
> extract DNA, quantify and then pcr. with ecoli i usually took a little
> bit from a colony and put it in the pcr reaction mix and denaturated for
> some min at 96 C, and then added taq.
> will this work also for example for gram positive bacteria? 
> felipe
I works for yeast.... the basis of the protocol seems to have no tie to
gram negative or positive characteristics...

Have you tried a small number pilot experiment??? it should work.

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