pcr dna purification for sequencing

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Fri Aug 4 11:29:15 EST 2000

"Alex Plakantonakis" <alexp at princeton.edu> wrote in message
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> hi everyone.
> how are you?
> my question is:
> what is the best method of purification of pcr products for sequencing?
> could you perhaps sketch the protocol briefly?
> hopefully someone will the take the time to help me out by answering this
> question.
> thank you very much:)
> alex

Hello there

Just my tuppence worth - i use Qiagen PCR purification spin columns (same
kit as used to extract DNA from agarose gels).

Can also use it for res. enzyme digest clean ups etc.

Seems to work cleaning up pcr products for ABI based chemistry.

Another method used in the past is Chromaspin columns from Clontech - bit
more cumbersome and yeild can suffer.  Also depends on the size of your pcr

Obs & Gynae
University of Dundee

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