Electrophoresis problem

Chunxin Wang cxwang at wam.umd.edu
Fri Aug 4 16:16:24 EST 2000

Hello all!
 I have been having problems with my electrophoretic Western blot
transfer. I use the transfer buffer of the following composition:
25mM Tris
192mM glycine
20% methanol

When I try to transfer, the BIO-RAD power supply switches from the
constant voltage mode to a constant amperage mode automatically. The
amperage is maximum(400mA) but the voltage is really low(~ 6-10V) I have
tried using new Tris, Glycine, water, methanol, alternate power packs,
alternate electrophoresis unit lids etc.. Nothing seems to ameliorate the
problem. Could anyone please help? Thanks a ton.



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