Electrophoresis problem

Chris LaRosa clarosa at biocomp.unl.edu
Fri Aug 4 16:44:45 EST 2000

Chunxin Wang wrote:
> Hello all!
>  I have been having problems with my electrophoretic Western blot
> transfer. I use the transfer buffer of the following composition:
> 25mM Tris
> 192mM glycine
> 20% methanol
> When I try to transfer, the BIO-RAD power supply switches from the
> constant voltage mode to a constant amperage mode automatically. The
> amperage is maximum(400mA) but the voltage is really low(~ 6-10V) I have
> tried using new Tris, Glycine, water, methanol, alternate power packs,
> alternate electrophoresis unit lids etc.. Nothing seems to ameliorate the
> problem. Could anyone please help? Thanks a ton.
> Anand
What model power supply?? some of the new ones have computer chips which
at times have a logic of their own.  I suggest finding an old
powersupply without the so-called safety features.  Obviously you need
to try another power  supply.  Contact your Biorad tech support and ask
them what is going on.   Some of these power supplys have these wacky
features... which work against your goals.

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