Electrophoresis problem

Kun Qian k_qian at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 4 20:12:45 EST 2000

First I think you need to check the Bio-Rad power supply, and second
according to my experience, the salt strength of the buffer is quite
important. Have you equilibrate all the stuff in the transfer buffer before
doing the transfer?
Just my own thoughts.
Kun Qian
Chunxin Wang <cxwang at wam.umd.edu> wrote in message
news:Pine.GSO.4.21.0008041710530.15751-100000 at rac5.wam.umd.edu...
> Hello all!
>  I have been having problems with my electrophoretic Western blot
> transfer. I use the transfer buffer of the following composition:
> 25mM Tris
> 192mM glycine
> 20% methanol
> When I try to transfer, the BIO-RAD power supply switches from the
> constant voltage mode to a constant amperage mode automatically. The
> amperage is maximum(400mA) but the voltage is really low(~ 6-10V) I have
> tried using new Tris, Glycine, water, methanol, alternate power packs,
> alternate electrophoresis unit lids etc.. Nothing seems to ameliorate the
> problem. Could anyone please help? Thanks a ton.
> Anand
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