pcr dna purification for sequencing

PM patrick.merel at chu-bordeaux.fr
Mon Aug 7 02:29:05 EST 2000


The best of the best for our CEquencing procedures (with the BCI CEQ
2000) is to purify PCR products with Millipore MultiScreen
Microtiterplate filtration based product. It cost around 0.3 $ per PCR
product to purify and takes 10 min for a whole 96 well plate.

Then to purify DT reaction we used the equivalent product for DT removal
which is also called Millipore Multiscreen (but for DT removal) which
comes on a microtiterplate format, which cost 0.1$ per reac purification
and which takes 5 minutes for a whole 96 well plate.

Isn't it cool!
Patrick MEREL
Laboratoire de Virologie - Hopital PELLEGRIN
Place Amelie Raba-Leon
33076 Bordeaux cedex FRANCE

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