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Tue Aug 8 21:20:48 EST 2000


>        Any thoughts on the advantages/disadvantages of the Gal4-based
> vs LexA-based yeast two hybrid systems?  We are gearing up to do
> some yeast two hybrid screens, so we might as well choose wisely right
> from the start.  Any and all comments are welcome, especially those
> comments regarding the systems sold by the various suppliers.

It is not easy to predict wich system works better for a given screen. Some
things work fine with Gal4 and not so well with LexA and vice versa. I use
a Gal4 based system and I am happy with it (especially since better Vektors
and yeast strains are available).
We are using the Matchmaker-3 system from Clontech and as I said: we are
pretty happy with it but I have no direct comparison to other suppliers


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