Electrophoresis problem

Peter Cherepanov peter.cherepanov at uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu Aug 10 13:40:24 EST 2000

have you ever tried this blotting cell before ?
is it a semi-dry ?
or is it wet ??
anyway, use less Tris and Glycine:

for a wet cell (3 cm between electrodes, mini-gel format) we use 12 mM
tris (1.45 g/l)+96 mM Glycine (7.2 g/l) 20% Methanol. (add SDS for NC
filters, if you want) - Just twice less than in a usual buffer, just as
recommended for Novex XCell system...

even here, amperage is 100 mA at 25 V.

but if you are using some semi-dry system, then the high amperage at 10
V is normal, be happy with you power supply then. Some of the modern
supplies just refuse to work in low-resistance conditions, thinking it
is a shortcut. If it is a semi-dry cell then look at the Bio-Rad's web
site, they have a manual for their SD cell, with very good explanations
and recipies ....



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