BNPS-skatole question

Peter Loesh peter_loesh at
Fri Aug 11 11:47:03 EST 2000

Hello !

does anybody have a good experience with BNPS-skatole protein cleavage?  I 
would very much like to know if residual BNPS-skatole interferes with 
electrophoresis; and if it is possible to combine BNPS skatole and CNBr 
reactions in one. (I belive that these reagents react with eachother, but I 
am not a chemist).

my problem is that I cannot get rid of BNPS-sk. completely, and part of my 
product (radioactive) co-precipitates with it when I add water to dilute 
acetic acid. May be it is better not to remove reagent at all, and dry it 
all ?

(BTW, BNPS-skatole cleaves proteins at Trp and CNBr at Met residues; I use 
them to map the phosphorylation site in my protein)

hope to hear your opinions,

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