BNPS-skatole question

Paul pd1 at
Sat Aug 12 08:33:10 EST 2000

Peter Loesh wrote:

> Hello !
> does anybody have a good experience with BNPS-skatole protein cleavage?

Don't know about "good".  I was trying to modify Ws _without _ cleaving
the peptide backbone...didn't work and the damn stuff always fragmented.

>  I
> would very much like to know if residual BNPS-skatole interferes with
> electrophoresis;

Not in my experience, at least after acetone precipitation

> and if it is possible to combine BNPS skatole and CNBr
> reactions in one. (I belive that these reagents react with eachother, but I
> am not a chemist).

Don't know I'm afraid!

A chemistry that is compatible  with BNPS treatment
though, is formic acid cleavage of D-P bonds.  70% formic
acid o/n at 37 - 50 °C, IIRC.

Hope this helps

Paul Digard

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