pcr screening bacteria

felipe wettstein felipe.wettstein at ioez.tu-freiberg.de
Mon Aug 14 07:41:50 EST 2000

hi riyazandrabi

> help me if you can send me a dichotomous scheme for the identification
> of bacteria or lead me to one.Also, I would like to know from where I
> can get the sequences of primers for the identification of some food-
> borne pathogens.
there are different methods, when you want to identify food pathogens,
there are even more.
comercial kits like biolog, or one that seems better and cheaper from BD
(http://www.bd.com/biosciences/diagnostic/products/idsus/crystal.html) i
never tried because we have already biolog, but i remember that i
thought it was chaeper than biolog and more (for us) interesting
bacteria where identificable. both systems supply the bacteria with
different substrates and look then if they eat them and depending on
that the color in a vial changes... computer... >> result.
the way we do it is with 16SrDNA primers and PCR, then sequencing PCR,
sequence and for fast results submit to blast search
(http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/blast/blast.cgi?Jform=0). but in theory we
would like to align the whole and pure and nice sequences with a huge
database to see which are the closest neighbours. when you are really
interestet in the primersequnces, i can send to you, but i have no
reference, i looked a little while and could not found, so i asked in my
old lab and they gave me some sequences, they work as usual and still i
have no reference. 

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