EDTA affinity for zinc

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>Subject: EDTA affinity for zinc
>From: Johannes Graumann (j_graumann at hotmail.com)
>Date: Sun 13 Aug 2000 - 17:35:42 BST

>Could somebody please give me a hint where to find the affinity of EDTA
>for zinc at pH 7.5?

>Thank you, Johannes

The apparent log stability constants for EDTA at pH 7.5 are Mg:  5.9, Ca:
7.8, Zn:  13.6.  The Ki at pH 7.5 is the "apparent" value at a particular
pH which considers all forms of complexing species, rather than only the
most anionic.  EDTA has 4 pKa values and for example, at pH 7.0, a =
2.08e3, so that log a = 3.3.  For Mg++:EDTA at pH 7.0: log Ki (apparent) =
8.7 - 3.3 = 5.4.
See R. M. C. Dawson, D. C. Elliot, W. H. Elliot and K. M. Jones 1969 Data
for Biochemical Research.  Oxford Univ. Press, New York for more

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