Great New Cloning Software

Chris LaRosa clarosa at
Tue Aug 15 09:52:41 EST 2000

> So, are you saying that you receive no financial reward, free samples,
> payment-in-kind etc. from anyone associated with Redasoft and you
> have no affiliation with the company except as a paying customer
> and you paid for the copy of the program you are reviewing?
> If this is indeed the case I will be happy to consider your
> opinion.  If this is not the case you are in breach of usenet
> policy through unsolicited advertising.
I would like to propose a change in the usenet policy to allow
unsolicited advertising, as long as they pertain to molecular biology
products.   I think many vendors offer very useful solutions and usually
they know what they are talking about.   It seems to me that there are a
couple of regular posters who are affiliated with private companies ,
who post their address with the messages and is this not unsolicited
advertising??   Nowdays companies new fangled products really do a great
job... I would not mind seeing the various vendors for say real t ime
pcr machines promote their products and offer some info on the pros and
cons of this new technology.

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