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Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at
Tue Aug 15 12:20:07 EST 2000

"Richard P. Grant" wrote:
> I do not want to pay for advertising, period.  Maybe bionet.adverts,
> then I can choose to look at it if I need to, but that'd be the only
> option I would consider.

I happen to subscribe to a listserve dedicated to laboratory
automation.  This is organized by  The
list moderator (and participants) strictly do not want to see vendors
*initiating* a thread saying something like "Subject: Brand new widget
from Company X for only $999.00", but vendors are encouraged to *answer
questions* from list participants, if the questions relate to their

In addition, the organization (Laboratory Robotics Interest Groups,
LRIG), which is populated I think >90% by pharma and biotech company
researchers, has set up a portion of the website called "Vendors", where
hardware and software vendors can submit an entry [I think it is edited
by the moderator, but I am not sure], describing what kind of products
and services they are offering.

I think that's a good arrangement, along the lines of what Richard Grant
is saying: have bionet-related ads segregated somewhere, where people
can go look for a specific product, or just want to see "what's out
there" in the commercial domain.

Another important thing to consider is that some people or research
groups distribute software that is strictly free to academic researchers
(perhaps because it was developed mostly by using grant money) but, with
the permission or encouragement from their academic institutions, the
same software is *sold* to for-profit entities.  I believe that
announcing the availability of such free (for academics) software should
be O.K. here.

Just my $0.02 worth,

	- Petr

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