Great New Cloning Software

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I guess so long we know where are the mail coming from or if the message is
marked as advertisement we should have no problem. But pretending that you
are promoting the good cause by recommending a product or a site where you
get a cut on the product or get a "laser pointer" is outright exploitation.


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> In article <39995939.7ECB29B at>, Chris LaRosa
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> > I would like to propose a change in the usenet policy to allow
> > unsolicited advertising, as long as they pertain to molecular biology
> > products.
> ( usenet <> bionet )
> I think that is not a good idea.  there are already too many channels
> for advertising, and when any of us want something we known where to
> look.  These groups will die if advertising is allowed across the board.
> > I think many vendors offer very useful solutions and usually
> > they know what they are talking about.
> *LOL*  Oh boy, you don't have much contact with marketing departments,
> do you?
> >  It seems to me that there are a
> > couple of regular posters who are affiliated with private companies ,
> > who post their address with the messages and is this not unsolicited
> > advertising??
> No, because they're not advertising their product.  They're merely
> saying who they work for - and that in a signature at the bottom of a
> message containing useful information that was solicited, or in the
> organization: at the top.  If I want to follow a link in the .sig I can;
> it is unobtrusive and does not detract from the purpose of the forum.
> > Nowdays companies new fangled products really do a great
> > job... I would not mind seeing the various vendors for say real t ime
> > pcr machines promote their products and offer some info on the pros and
> > cons of this new technology
> Not on these bloody froups.  Just think about what you're saying - what
> would happen.  You've heard of spam - do you know why it is a problem?
> I do not want to pay for advertising, period.  Maybe bionet.adverts,
> then I can choose to look at it if I need to, but that'd be the only
> option I would consider.
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