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Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at
Wed Aug 16 09:00:22 EST 2000

>I have to say that I haven't noticed that companies actually answer
>those sort of queries primarily because there are very very few company
>people that inhabit this newsgroup. There may be many more that solely
>read the posts but no one posts.

I think actually quite a few company people inhabit this newsgroup, but I
think most of them are "well behaved" with respect to the no advertising
policy.  On one occassion I had a vendor e-mail me directly suggesting
their product might be appropriate for what I wanted to do [this seems an
appropriate way for a company to respond], and yesterday, I received
something in the mail from a vendor thanking me for reccommending their
product [actually, I didn't reccommend their product, I had simply
mentioned that I had used their product, as I thought that info was
relevant to my question].  So, you see, I think there are a lot of company
people following along in this newsgroup, but I think most of them are
simply playing by the rules.


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