Boiling cycler nightmare

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>The thermocouple is in a microtube in the well with the heated lid down
>and on 110 deg C. We have left it for several hours on occasion to be
>sure the entire set up has equilibrated. 

I wonder id the heated lid is actually much more than 110C causing the
polypropylene tube cap seal to leak. 

The only niggle I have with the 9700 is that the heated lid takes
forever to heat up from cold. The 2400's is fast. I know from another
lab that they too have the same slowness. Anyone else or is it because I
have one of the very first machines they sold in the UK?

Solvents and thermocouples. There are different types of thermocouples,
Type K, Type J etc. Once they are calibrated at 0 and 100C they really
should be accurate i.e. 0.1C or better across that range. I'm sure CP
Instrument Company should be able to give some quick advice on this.
I've always found them very helpful in the past. 

As you are using the hot lid on will that not transfer some heat down
the thermocouple wires into the position you are measuring? It must be
tricky not to contact the lid unless you go through the side wall and
seal it well?

Not a nice problem. One automatically considers the calibration of PCR
machines to be correct, especially nowadays. 

The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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