Boiling cycler nightmare

Tim Spahlinger txs at
Thu Aug 17 08:28:46 EST 2000

PE (now named "Applied Biosystems"; I AM NOT affiliated with them) has some
new "temperature verification systems" that they are offering.  In the past,
their older systems have been pretty pricey (i.e., $1400 US) and I don't
know what they're charging for the new systems.  But the price you pay might
be worth the confidence you'll have in your machines working as intended.
You might also be able to share the cost and the instrumentation with nearby
collaborators. Our PE manuals have recommended routine maintenance and
diagnostic procedures.  We found that this was very valuable advice because
it helped us to proactively address problems that were developing in our

The URL in the USA that describes this equipment is:  Maybe they offer the
same items in the UK.

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