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>> I received
>> something in the mail from a vendor thanking me for reccommending their
>> product
>That's no bloody good.  They should be paying you for that kind of

They actually sent me a keychain-- just what I needed.  It was sort of
funny and I was really surprised, because I didn't recommend their product
at all (although it did work nicely, but no, I don't need another key chain
either).  Rather, I mentioned I had used their polymerase cocktail and was
having trouble cloning the product.  I had assumed it would be blunt ended,
given the proofreading activity in the mix, however, I've come to learn
(thanks to discussion in the newsgroup) that these polymerase mixes still
tend to put an A's on the PCR products.  Hmmm, it would have been helpful
if the information sent with the product had mentioned this.  Of course in
the end, it turned out that my real problem was stemming from forgetting
that the restriction enzyme I was using was sensitive to dam methylation,
but that's another story.....


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