thioated (spelling ?) oligos to supress 3'->5' exonuclease activity for long range PCR ?

Roland Hubner rhubner at
Thu Aug 17 16:13:02 EST 2000

> This was published maybe 4 years or so ago in NAR and worked well. I
> know it was the first paper in one paricular issue but have no idea
> offhand as to a reference.


 that for sure is the paper by A. Skerra from Nucleic Acids Res 1992 
Jul25;20(14):3551-4... time flies...

 Beware that the chemical modification (e.g. Beaucage reagent) is rather 
difficult to perform and only completely modified oligos will perform as 
indicated in this paper... [Of course, a lot of companies tell you they 
can do this]

>Well, the long subject line basically says it all:
>So, I wonder whether it is useful (and possible to make the oligo for

 In such LA blends the proofreading enzyme is "already" at a 
comparatively low concentration...


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