DNA quantification by fluorometry

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Hiya, best way to do this is with picogreen. this is excited at 480 nm
(emission 520 nm), so you can use disposable plastic cuvettes. No need to
clean up your quartzware.. Molecular Probes sells the stuff. 300 bucks buys
you 2000 assays. If you have a fluospec that can read microplates, it's
easier and cheaper. you can scale the volume down to 100 ul (less than a
penny of picogreen per sample) and read 96 samples with a single mouseclick.
Good luck, Rogier Stuger

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> I have over 400 DNA samples to quantify very accurately. I am
> using a flurometer, DYNA Quant 2000 from Hoefer along with
> Hoechst dye for this purpose. Is there anyone out there with
> experience on the use of this instrument? My main problem is that
> I get large variation for repeat measurement of the same sample.
> I also find this method to be very slow.  Are there any other
> ways to quantify DNA very accurately?

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