microsatellites and abi 310

Chris LaRosa clarosa at biocomp.unl.edu
Wed Aug 23 09:45:36 EST 2000

> for genotyping...
The abi is good for a small lab where the slave student and post doc
labor prepares their own samples.   The documentation and technical
support provided by ABI are the best I have run across in 20 yrs
experience in the lab.   It is a bit pricey and of course it is not a
high throughput machine...i have heard they might have developed a
machine with about 10 cappilaries.. more affordable than the 96
capillary model.   The reagents and supplies also are rather
expensive.   i cannot compare it to other genotyping setups.. I never
did one in another lab , but when I talk to people running genotyping
labs they laugh at the slow rate of 310.   As for sequencing it is only
capable of running perhaps 500 - 800 bases 800 on a very good day. I
worked in a small lab.    I was a self taught genotyper.. it is hard to
compare therefore to other setups.

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