SV: Lipase

Dag Rune Gjellesvik dagrg at
Wed Aug 23 15:15:27 EST 2000

Dr. Duncan Clark <Duncan at> wrote >
> Why should there be a problem? Assuming they are really Bacillus then
> you have possibly found something new.
> Duncan
> --
Don't be too quick concluding about new findings contrary to current
literature. My experience is that you should double- triple- quadruplecheck
your results from different angles before you conclude your findings to be
something *new*. In most cases, your results are artifacts. REAL new
discoveries are getting more and more rare.
Maybe a pessimistic view, but when you REALLY find something new -  be proud
and happy.

As to the lipases: maybe they precipitate, or your medium don't induce cells
to secrete the lipases? Just guessing.

Dag Rune

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