G418 resistance gene

Rosie Redfield rosie.redfield at zoology.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Aug 28 15:03:32 EST 2000


I'm trying to develop a transformation system for Chilomonas, a eukaryotic
alga.  The cells are very sensitive to G418, so I'm looking for a vector
with a neo resistance gene under a suitable promoter.

The problem is, we know nothing about Chilomonas promoters.  The slow and
sure approach will be to clone a Chilomonas tubulin gene and construct a
neoR vector using its promoter, but until that's done I'd like to try
transfroming the cells with a neoR gene under a heterologous promoter.  A
plant promoter would be worth a try, though of course an algal promoter, if
one is available, would be even better.

Does anyone know of any vectors where the neoR gene is driven by an algal
or plant promoter?

Thanks very much.


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