How to bring as much DNA as possible into the well?

bo pang pangbo at
Tue Aug 29 12:34:45 EST 2000

I am using an open-gene system for my swquencing which could take only
half hour to get 300bp sequence. The well of this sequencing gel is so
thin, and it could only hold 2 ul maximum. When i tried to quntitate the
optimal reading region of this cy5/cy5.5 automatic sequencer, I found that
it is almost impossible to get all the DNA sample into the well with the
loading dye provided by that company. Even though I tried my best to do
the loading job, some of the sample still float out of the wells. I also
tried to use a higher percentage of loading dye for the sample mixture,
but it didn't help either.

Does anyone know whether there are some kit or trick good for the DNA
loading? So I can make sure all my DNA mixture has been precipitate into
the well, that is extremely important to my quantitation experiment.
thank you very much.


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