RLU values and dynex luminoter

Bertrand Collet b.collet at abdn.ac.uk
Wed Aug 30 08:14:35 EST 2000

Dear all,

What range of Relative Light Units should I expect after transient
transfection of cells with luciferase-based reporter vector ?
I try to optimise a transfection method for fish cell lines using the
control vector pGL3-control (which should give a constitutive expression
of luciferase). I measure the light with a Dynex luminometer MLX, and I
use the promega assay "steady-glow". So far I just get values of RLU
reaching 10 at max ... and this from a 25 cm2 flask of 60-70 % confluent
cells. I have the feeling that I should reach 100 000s ....

Thank you for your help,


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