native agarose electrophoresis of megadalton protein complexes

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"has anyone out there had any experience and/or luck separating large
(megadalton) native protein complexes on agarose gels? in fact, any info on
electrophoresing proteins in agarose gels would be useful (ie TAE buffer or
normal acrylamide buffers, or something else?) im having trouble getting the
coomassie out of the gel after staining."

Not agarose, but polyacrylamide.  The ref' that I use for mitochondrial 
respiratory complexes is Schagger & Von Jagow (1991) Anal. Biochem. 199, 
223-31.   A 5-15% gradient gel gives good separation from 880kD (complex I) 
to 140kD (complex II).   Destain in 25% methanol, 10% acetic acid, 1-2hrs 
room temp'.  To speed this up try putting a rolled-up clean tissue in the 
tray to absorb stain.

You can also microwave it on high for 20s.  Repeat 3-4 times with fresh 
destain buffer and the whole process is done in 5 minutes.  However this 
depends on what you want to do next - if you want intact complexes for 
enzymatic analysis then too bad.  If you're just wanting to western blot or 
do a 2nd dimension then denaturing isn't a problem, so microwave it.


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