Promega dNTPs quality is questionable

Andrei Popescu andreip at
Wed Aug 30 10:47:51 EST 2000

Thanks to everyone that answered !

The problem with the dNTPs was finaly solved. The NEW dNTPs that we
bought from Promega were bad, at least one of them. The same reaction
run in parallel with other dNTPs from other suppliers worked perfectly
over and over again, in all tubes and in all concentrations from 0.1 to
1 mM each, without too much difference in terms of product obtained.

The bad Promega dNTPs costed me one month and a half of work, a couple
of different primer pairs designed, reordered and tried, about 5 tubes
of cheap and expensive polymerases squandered and, most of all, a lot of
frustration. I was even on the point of scrapping the project. So you
may want to think twice before buying dNTPs from Promega. We wrote them
a letter, let's see if they bother to answer.

Andrei Popescu, RA
Molecular Biology Dept.
Vanderbilt University


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